Conference videos on music

  1. The Ebony Hillbillies at Gel 2010: As one of the last black string bands in the... - Watch video
  2. The Gregory Brothers at Gel 2010: Auto Tune the News - Watch video
  3. Rob Kapilow at Gel 2010: Rob Kapilow brings music into people's lives:... - Watch video
  4. Eric Singer at Gel 2010: The GuitarBot, live - Watch video
  5. Adam Sadowsky at TEDxUSC 2010: Engineering a viral music video - Watch video
  6. David Byrne at TED2010: How architecture helped music evolve - Watch video
  7. Thomas Dolby at TED2010: "Love Is a Loaded Pistol" - Watch video
  8. Robert Gupta at TED2010: Music is medicine, music is sanity - Watch video
  9. Natalie Merchant at TED2010: Natalie Merchant sings old poems to life - Watch video
  10. Jill Sobule and Julia Sweeney at TED2010: Julia Sweeney has "The Talk" - Watch video
  11. Emma Bruns at TEDxAmsterdam 2009: Melody memories - Watch video
  12. Sivamani at TEDIndia: Rhythm is everything, everywhere - Watch video
  13. Cathy Salit at Gel Health 2009: Helping nurses improve their performance - Watch video
  14. Daniel and Ken Trush at Gel Health 2009: Daniel and Ken tell the amazing story of how... - Watch video
  15. Zee Avi at PopTech 2009: A YouTube sensation - Watch video
  16. John Forté at PopTech 2009: An Impresario Returns - Watch video
  17. Zoë Keating at PopTech 2009: Radical Cello - Watch video
  18. Mark O'Connor at PopTech 2009: Fiddle virtuoso Mark O’Connor and... - Watch video
  19. Logan Richardson at PopTech 2009: Improvisations - Watch video
  20. Imogen Heap at TEDGlobal 2009: Imogen Heap plays "Wait It Out" - Watch video
  21. Sophie Hunger at TEDGlobal 2009: Sophie Hunger plays songs of secrets, city lights - Watch video
  22. Delhi 2 Dublin at ideaCity 2009: A unique musical experience - Watch video
  23. Bruce Molsky at Gel 2009: Well-known for performing traditional... - Watch video
  24. Salman Ahmad at TEDxUSC 2009: In the closing performance, Salman invites... - Watch video
  25. Qi Zhang at TEDxUSC 2009: Qi Zhang's electrifying organ performance - Watch video
  26. Naturally 7 at TED2009: Naturally 7 beatboxes a whole band - Watch video
  27. Jose Abreu at TED2009: Help me bring music to kids worldwide (TED Prize winner!) - Watch video
  28. Gustavo Dudamel at TED2009: A musical sensation from Venezuela - Watch video
  29. Herbie Hancock at TED2009: Herbie Hancock's all-star set - Watch video
  30. Eric Lewis at TED2009: Striking chords to rock the jazz world - Watch video
  31. Eric Lewis at TED2009: Eric Lewis plays chaos and harmony - Watch video
  32. Matt Harding at EG08: Viral video sensation Matt Harding responds... - Watch video
  33. Todd Rundgren at EG08: Highlighting the flaws of the music industry,... - Watch video
  34. Rufus Cappadocia at PopTech 2008: Performance - Watch video
  35. Imogen Heap at PopTech 2008: Performance - Watch video
  36. Benjamin Zander at PopTech 2008 - Watch video
  37. Leahy at ideaCity 2008: The eight Powerhouse Celtic musicians present... - Watch video
  38. Josh Dolgin (Socalled) and Jill Sobule at ideaCity 2008: Yiddish rapper Socalled performs, followed by... - Watch video
  39. Tod Ellsey at TED2008: Releasing the music in your head - Watch video
  40. Rachelle Garniez at TED2008: Breath, music, passion - Watch video
  41. Kaki King at TED2008: Kaki King rocks out to "Pink Noise" - Watch video
  42. Nellie McKay at TED2008: Clonie - Watch video
  43. Nellie McKay at TED2008: Mother of Pearl and "If I Had You" - Watch video
  44. Nellie McKay at TED2008: The Dog Song - Watch video
  45. Sxip Shirey at TED2008: Breath, music, passion - Watch video
  46. Benjamin Zander at TED2008: Classical music with shining eyes - Watch video
  47. John Q. Walker at EG07: Re-creating great performances - Watch video
  48. Zoë Keating at Poptech 2007: Canadian-born cellist Zoë Keating layers the... - Watch video