Conference videos on creativity

  1. Steven Johnson at TEDGlobal 2010: Where good ideas come from - Watch video
  2. Elie Shafak at TEDGlobal 2010: The politics of fiction - Watch video
  3. Tavi Gevinson at ideaCity 2010: Tavi Gevinson is the 14 year-old creator of... - Watch video
  4. Natalie Tyler Tran at ideaCity 2010: Natalie is a Digital Media student who makes... - Watch video
  5. Rory Sutherland at TEDSalon 2010 London: Sweat the small stuff - Watch video
  6. James Cameron at TED2010: Before Avatar ... a curious boy - Watch video
  7. Ken Robinson at TED2010: Bring on the learning revolution - Watch video
  8. Derek Sivers at TED2010: How to start a movement - Watch video
  9. Adora Svitak at TED2010: What adults can learn from kids - Watch video
  10. Tom Wujec at TED2010: Build a tower, build a team - Watch video
  11. Shekhar Kapur at TEDIndia: We are the stories we tell ourselves - Watch video
  12. Derek Sivers at TEDIndia: Weird, or just different? - Watch video
  13. Jonah Lehrer at PopTech 2009: Creative insights - Watch video
  14. Bertrand Piccard at TEDGlobal 2009: Bertrand Piccard's solar-powered adventure - Watch video
  15. Stefan Sagmeister at TEDGlobal 2009: The power of time off - Watch video
  16. Wade Davis at ideaCity 2009: Endangered cultures - Watch video
  17. Terry Mosher at ideaCity 2009: Aislin gets political - Watch video
  18. Bill Gurstelle at Gel 2009: Taking risks is vital to your health, argues... - Watch video
  19. Noah Scalin at Gel 2009: To design a different skull every day for a... - Watch video
  20. Elizabeth Gilbert at TED2009: A different way to think about creative genius - Watch video
  21. Matt Harding at EG08: Viral video sensation Matt Harding responds... - Watch video
  22. Scott Kim at EG08: Scott Kim takes apart the art of puzzles - Watch video
  23. Matthew Diffee at ideaCity 2008: Matthew Diffee, cartoonist at The New Yorker,... - Watch video
  24. Tim Brown at Serious Play: The powerful link between creativity and play - Watch video
  25. Lelavision at Gel 2008: Like many of the best Gel presenters,... - Watch video
  26. Isaac Mizrahi at TED2008: Fashion, passion, and about a million other things - Watch video
  27. Amy Tan at TED2008: Where does creativity hide? - Watch video
  28. Vanessa German at Poptech 2007: In a stirring performance, slam poet and... - Watch video
  29. Davy Rothbert at Poptech 2007: The creator of FOUND magazine digs up some of... - Watch video
  30. J.J. Abrams at TED2007: The mystery box - Watch video
  31. Steve Jurvetson at TED2007: The joy of rockets - Watch video
  32. Larry Lessig at TED2007: How creativity is being strangled by the law - Watch video
  33. Brian Eno at Poptech 2006: Musician, producer and artist Brian Eno shows... - Watch video
  34. Reggie Watts at Poptech 2006: Hop on board. Writer, composer, musician and... - Watch video
  35. Marianne Weems at Poptech 2006: As artistic director of the New York-based... - Watch video
  36. Charlie Todd at Gel 2006: A convincing rooftop prank - Watch video
  37. Ken Robinson at TED2006: Do schools kill creativity? - Watch video
  38. Ze Frank at TED2004: What's so funny about the Web? - Watch video
  39. Alvy Ray Smith at Poptech 2002: Fantasy in the real world