Conference videos on education

  1. Sugata Mitra at TEDGlobal 2010: The child-driven education - Watch video
  2. Adora Svitak at ideaCity 2010: To inspire the teachers of tomorrow, she... - Watch video
  3. Sal Khan at Gel 2010: The Khan Academy - Watch video
  4. Charles Leadbeater at TEDSalon 2010 London: Education innovation in the slums - Watch video
  5. Ken Robinson at TED2010: Bring on the learning revolution - Watch video
  6. Adora Svitak at TED2010: What adults can learn from kids - Watch video
  7. Shukla Bose at TEDIndia: Teaching one child at a time - Watch video
  8. Kiran Sethi at TEDIndia: Teaching kids to take charge - Watch video
  9. Aditi Shankardass at TEDIndia: A second opinion on learning disorders - Watch video
  10. Steve Barr at PopTech 2009: Fixing Failing Schools - Watch video
  11. Dennis Littky at PopTech 2009: Dennis Littky on Big Picture Ed - Watch video
  12. James O'Brien at PopTech 2009: Hands-on education - Watch video
  13. Joan Sullivan at Gel 2009: Bronx Academy of Letters - Watch video
  14. Jose Abreu at TED2009: Help me bring music to kids worldwide (TED Prize winner!) - Watch video
  15. Arthur Benjamin at TED2009: Arthur Benjamin's formula for changing math education - Watch video
  16. Liz Coleman at TED2009: Liz Coleman's call to reinvent liberal arts education - Watch video
  17. Gever Tulley at TED2009: Gever Tulley teaches life lessons through tinkering - Watch video
  18. Dave Eggers at TED2008: 2008 TED Prize wish: Once Upon a School - Watch video
  19. Nicholas Negroponte at TED2008: One Laptop per Child, two years on - Watch video
  20. Patrick Awuah at TEDGlobal 2007: Educating a new generation of African leaders - Watch video
  21. Joseph Lekuton at TEDGlobal 2007: A parable for Kenya - Watch video
  22. Alan Kay at TED2007: A powerful idea about teaching ideas - Watch video
  23. Gever Tulley at TED2007: 5 dangerous things you should let your kids do - Watch video
  24. Geoffrey Canada at Gel 2006: Building the Harlem Children's Zone - Watch video
  25. Richard Baraniuk at TED2006: Goodbye, textbooks; hello, open-source learning - Watch video
  26. Dan Dennett at TED2006: A secular, scientific rebuttal to Rick Warren - Watch video
  27. Nicholas Negroponte at TED2006: The vision behind One Laptop Per Child - Watch video
  28. Ken Robinson at TED2006: Do schools kill creativity? - Watch video
  29. Mae Jemison at TED2002: Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together - Watch video