Adora Svitak at ideaCity 2010

To inspire the teachers of tomorrow, she speaks at schools of education including DePaul and Bowling Green State University. Adora advocates for education innovation around the world. A prolific writer on education and related technology, Adora has written for EdTech Magazine. She is a prodigious blogger, posting on 21st-century learning at The Educators' Royal Treatment, a blog dedicated to education. She was nominated in 2009 for the Edublogs Student Blog Award. Adora's books include; Flying Fingers, an engaging how-to hand book on writing for parents and kids from a student's point of view; Dancing Fingers, a collection of poetry she co-authored with her sister Adrianna; and Yang in Disguise, a coming-of-age fantasy novel with undertones of political satire. At ideaCity10, Adora discusses the old saying "Let Kids Be Kids" and what it really means (or shouldn't).