Conference videos on politics

  1. Omar Ahmad at TED2010: Political change with pen and paper - Watch video
  2. David Cameron at TED2010: The next age of government - Watch video
  3. Shaffi Mather at TEDIndia: A new way to fight corruption - Watch video
  4. Shashi Tharoor at TEDIndia: Why nations should pursue "soft" power - Watch video
  5. Robert Guest at PopTech 2009: On U.S. power - Watch video
  6. Alec Ross at PopTech 2009: Statecraft 3.0 - Watch video
  7. Reihan Salam at PopTech 2009: New conservatism - Watch video
  8. Rinku Sen at PopTech 2009: Locating Justice - Watch video
  9. Erica Williams at PopTech 2009: Youth politics - Watch video
  10. Gordon Brown at TEDGlobal 2009: Wiring a web for global good - Watch video
  11. Clay Shirky at TED@State: How social media can make history - Watch video
  12. Zina Saunders at Gel 2009: Great art can come out of frustration, as... - Watch video
  13. Juan Enriquez at PopTech 2008: Financial commandments - Watch video
  14. Doris Goodwin at TED2008: Learning from past presidents in moments of crisis - Watch video
  15. Andrew Rasiej at Gel 2006: City politics with an online twist - Watch video