Conference videos on data

  1. Hans Rosling at TEDIndia: Asia's rise -- how and when - Watch video
  2. Nicholas Felton at PopTech 2009: Tracing Our Lives - Watch video
  3. Laura Kurgan at PopTech 2009: Human Geographies - Watch video
  4. Hans Rosling at TED@State: Let my dataset change your mindset - Watch video
  5. Tim Berners-Lee at TED2009: The next Web of open, linked data - Watch video
  6. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita at TED2009: Three predictions on the future of Iran, and the math to back it up - Watch video
  7. Sean Gourley at TED2009: Sean Gourley on the mathematics of war - Watch video
  8. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin at TED2009: Tour the AlloSphere, a stunning new way to see scientific data - Watch video
  9. Ray Kurzweil at TED2009: A university for the coming singularity - Watch video
  10. Hans Rosling at TED2009: Hans Rosling on HIV: New facts and stunning data visuals - Watch video
  11. Alisa Miller at TED2008: Why we know less than ever about the world - Watch video
  12. Katy Börner at Gel 2006: New visualizations - Watch video
  13. Hans Rosling at TED2006: Debunking third-world myths with the best stats you've ever seen - Watch video
  14. Steven Levitt at TEDGlobal 2005: Are children's carseats necessary? - Watch video