Conference videos on art

  1. Naïf Al-Mutawa at TEDGlobal 2010: Superheroes inspired by Islam - Watch video
  2. Elie Shafak at TEDGlobal 2010: The politics of fiction - Watch video
  3. Rachel Sussman at TEDGlobal 2010: The world's oldest living things - Watch video
  4. Tavi Gevinson at ideaCity 2010: Tavi Gevinson is the 14 year-old creator of... - Watch video
  5. Natalie Tyler Tran at ideaCity 2010: Natalie is a Digital Media student who makes... - Watch video
  6. Louise Reilly Sacco at Gel 2010: The Museum Of Bad Art - Watch video
  7. Rachel Sussman at Gel 2010: The Oldest Living Things in the World - Watch video
  8. Johanna Blakely at TEDxUSC 2010: Intellectual property in the fashion industry - Watch video
  9. Brian Skerry at TED Mission Blue Voyage: Brian Skerry reveals ocean's glory -- and horror - Watch video
  10. Carter Emmart at TED2010: Carter Emmart demos a 3D atlas of the universe - Watch video
  11. Raghava KK at TED2010: Five lives of an artist - Watch video
  12. Jonathan Klein at TED2010: Photos that changed the world - Watch video
  13. Hans Aarsman at TEDxAmsterdam 2009: The mysterious ways of beauty in photography - Watch video
  14. Ravin Agrawal at TEDIndia: 10 young Indian artists to watch - Watch video
  15. Alwar Balasubramaniam at TEDIndia: Art of substance and absence - Watch video
  16. Mallika Sarabhai at TEDIndia: Dance to change the world - Watch video
  17. Neal Baer at TEDMED2009: Neal Baer demonstrates the connection between... - Watch video
  18. Dave Stewart and Laura Ziskin at TEDMED2009: Hollywood filmaker Laura Ziskin 'Stands up to... - Watch video
  19. Reuben Margolin at PopTech 2009: Kinetic art - Watch video
  20. Gideon Obarzanek at PopTech 2009: Digital moves - Watch video
  21. Edward Burtynsky at TEDGlobal 2009: Edward Burtynsky photographs the landscape of oil - Watch video
  22. Taryn Simon at TEDGlobal 2009: Taryn Simon photographs secret sites - Watch video
  23. Nick Veasey at TEDGlobal 2009: Exposing the invisible - Watch video
  24. Willard Wigan at TEDGlobal 2009: Hold your breath for micro-sculpture - Watch video
  25. Laura Archer at ideaCity 2009: Kidnapped in Darfur - Watch video
  26. Rick Miller at ideaCity 2009: Bigger than Jesus - Watch video
  27. Terry Mosher at ideaCity 2009: Aislin gets political - Watch video
  28. Albert Nerenberg at ideaCity 2009: A Laughing Epidemic - Watch video
  29. Rob Stewart at ideaCity 2009: Fighting for sharks - Watch video
  30. Zina Saunders at Gel 2009: Great art can come out of frustration, as... - Watch video
  31. Patrick J. Gyger at Lift09: Memoires of a magnificent future - Watch video
  32. Natalie Jeremijenko at Lift09: Lifestyle Experiments - Watch video
  33. Soh Yeong Roh at Lift09: Creative communities - Watch video
  34. Olafur Eliasson at TED2009: Playing with space and light - Watch video
  35. Thelma Golden at TED2009: How art gives shape to cultural change - Watch video
  36. Golan Levin at TED2009: Golan Levin makes art that looks back at you - Watch video
  37. Natasha Tsakos at TED2009: Natasha Tsakos' multimedia theatrical adventure - Watch video
  38. David Elliot Cohen at EG08: Bestselling author and editor David Cohen... - Watch video
  39. Matt Harding at EG08: Viral video sensation Matt Harding responds... - Watch video
  40. Miru Kim at EG08: Making art of New York's urban ruins - Watch video
  41. Ralph Osterhout at EG08: Ralph Osterhout describes the "perverse... - Watch video
  42. 7 Fingers at ideaCity 2008: Les 7 doigts de la main, literally “the 7... - Watch video
  43. Margaret Atwood at ideaCity 2008: Margaret Atwood is among the most-honoured... - Watch video
  44. Pascal Cotte at ideaCity 2008: Art restoration pioneers Pascal Cotte and... - Watch video
  45. Matthew Diffee at ideaCity 2008: Matthew Diffee, cartoonist at The New Yorker,... - Watch video
  46. Ezra Levant at ideaCity 2008: Co-founder of the Western Standard magazine,... - Watch video
  47. Jean Penicaut at ideaCity 2008: Art restoration pioneers Pascal Cotte and... - Watch video
  48. Bruce McCall at Serious Play: Nostalgia for a future that never happened - Watch video
  49. Terry Border at Gel 2008: Everyday objects take on surprising and often... - Watch video