• October 26-29, 2010
  • San Diego, CA

Covering the intersection of healthcare and medicine with brilliant minds and uninhibited imagination. The 6th event in the TEDMED series, co-hosted by Marc Hodosh and TEDMED founder Richard Saul Wurman.


David Agus

Professor of Medicine, University of Southern California

Sekou Andrews

Spoken word artist, playwright, actor and musician

Alex Berenstein

Professor of Radiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine

David Blaine


Aneesh Chopra

Chief Technology Officer of the United States

George Church

Professor, Genetics and Health Sciences and Technology, Harvard Medical School

Ray Cronise

Co-founder, Zero Gravity Corporation

Peter Daszak

President, Wildlife Trust

Alexandra Drane

President & Co-founder, Eliza Corporation

Sylvia Earle


Juan Enriquez

Chairman & CEO, Biotechonomy LLC

Craig Fugate

Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency

Frank Gehry


Anita Goel

Chairman & Scientific Director, Nanobiosym

Thomas Goetz

Executive Director, Wired Magazine

Sanjay Gupta

Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN

Hugh Herr

Athlete, Scientist, Innovator, Futurist. MIT Media Lab.

Danny Hillis

Inventor and entrepreneur

Mark Hyman

Vice-Chair, Board of Directors and Faculty, Institute for Functional Medicine

A.J. Jacobs


Dean Kamen

Founder, DEKA Research and Development

Marc Koska


Emlyn Koster

President & CEO, Liberty Science Center

Clifton Leaf


William Li

Cancer researcher, Angio.org

John Mackey

CEO, Whole Foods Market

Eric Mead


Bill Moggridge

Director, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution

Walter Mossberg

Writer, The Wall Street Journal

Nathan Myhrvold

Technologist, inventor, entrepreneur

Stephen N. Oesterle

Senior Vice-President for Medicine and Technology, Medtronic

Daphne Oz


Lisa Oz

President, Ozworks, LLC.

Mehmet C. Oz

TV Host, Author and Cardiac Surgeon

Scott Parazynski

Astronaut & Physician

Moshe Safdie


Rick Smolan


Jill Sobule


Rudolph Tanzi

Professor of Neurology, Harvard Medical School

J. Craig Venter

Founder, Synthetic Genomics

Jay Walker

Founder, Priceline.com and Walker Digital

Nathan Wolfe

Virus hunter

TEDMED2010 is part of the TEDMED series of events.