Name Title, Company Events
David Zussman Governance expert ideaCity 2002
Ethan Zuckerman Founder, Global Voices TEDGlobal 2010, BIF-5, PICNIC '08, Poptech 2004
Randi Zuckerberg Director of Market Development, Facebook DLD 2010, ideaCity 2009, DLD 2009
Mark Zuckerberg CEO, Facebook DLD 2009
Christiane zu Salm Founder & CEO, About Change Ventures (ACV) DLD 2008, DLD 2007
Andrew Zolli Founder, Z+Partners Poptech 2004, Gel 2003
Jan-Christoph Zoels Director of User Experience Design, Experientia Lift07
Judith Zoebelein Editorial Director, Internet Office of the Holy See Lift07
Moses Znaimer Head of ZoomerMedia TED6
Jonathan Zittrain Net watchdog TEDGlobal 2009
Laura Ziskin Co-Founder & Executive Producer, Stand Up To Cancer TEDMED2009
Donald Ziraldo Canadian Icewine pioneer ideaCity 2002
Jeannette Zingg Co-founder, Opera Atelier ideaCity 2006
Basile Zimmerman Chinese studies researcher Lift10
Philip Zimbardo Former President, American Psychological Association PICNIC '09, TED2009, TED2008
Aude Zieseniss de Thuin Creator, WEFCOS DLD 2009
Qiu Zhijie Professor, China Academy of Art DLD 2010
Qi Zhang Organist TEDxUSC 2009
Greg Zeschuk Co-founder, BioWare ideaCity 2002
Niklas Zennström Entrepreneur and investor DLD 2010, PICNIC '09, DLD 2008, DLD 2007