Name Title, Company Events
Kurt Andersen Novelist and radio host PopTech 2009
Brad Anderson CEO, Best Buy DLD 2009
Charles Anderson Marine biologist TEDIndia
Chris Anderson Curator, TED conferences TEDGlobal 2010, TED2002
Chris Anderson Editor-in-Chief, Wired magazine PopTech 2008, Poptech 2006, TED2004, TED8
Judy Anderson Cell biologist ideaCity 2000
Laurie Anderson Experimental performance artist and musician TED2
Matthew Anderson Group Director Communications, British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc. DLD 2007
Ray Anderson Sustainable business pioneer TED2009
Siwan Anderson Missing women investigator ideaCity 2009
Brenda Andrews Program Director, Genetic Networks program, CIFAR ideaCity 2007
Sekou Andrews Spoken word artist, playwright, actor and musician TEDMED2010, TEDMED2009
Buck Angel Filmmaker, activist, educator ideaCity 2010
Andreas Angelidakis Architect DLD 2007
Christian Angermayer Founder & operating partner, Angermayer, Brumm & Lange Unternehmensgruppe (ABL) DLD 2010, DLD 2008
Colin Angle Co‐Founder, Chairman & CEO, iRobot TEDMED2009
Colin Angus Adventurer and author ideaCity 2009
Anina Model Lift06, DLD 2006
Annemarie Ahearn and Ladleah Dunn Gourmets, Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville, Maine PopTech 2010
Anousheh Ansari First female private space explorer ideaCity 2007