Name Title, Company Events
Nour Al-Arda Palestinian student PopTech 2010
Naïf Al-Mutawa Creator of "The 99," an Islamic comic book TEDGlobal 2010, PopTech 2009
Pete Alcorn Media executive TED2009
Igor Aleksander Professor Emeritus, Neural Systems Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College, London TED6
Zeresenay Alemseged Paleoanthropologist TEDGlobal 2007
Rafat Ali Founder, PaidContent.org DLD 2010
Jeremy Allaire Founder, Chairman & CEO, Brightcove DLD 2009
Robyn Allan Entrepreneur ideaCity 2001
Will Allen Urban farmer PopTech 2009
Isabel Allende Novelist TED2007
Richard Alley Geologist Poptech 2004
Julia Allison Co-Founder, NonSociety.com DLD 2009
Marla Allison Artist BIF-6
William Alsop Architect ideaCity 2009, ideaCity 2003
Walter Alvarez Geology professor, UC Berkeley EG10
Suroosh Alvi Journalist & filmmaker ideaCity 2001
Mariano Amartino Consultant, entrepreneur, and blogger , uberbin.net DLD 2009
Massoud Amin Security expert PopTech 2009
Vijay Anand Creator of the '0 Rupee' Note PopTech 2010
Adrian Anantawan Virtuoso violinist ideaCity 2002