Name Title, Company Events
7 Fingers Acrobatic circus troupe ideaCity 2008, ideaCity 2007
Hans Aarsman TEDxAmsterdam 2009
Emile Aarts Vice President and Scientific Program Director, Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven PICNIC '07
Chris Abani Author TED2008, TEDGlobal 2007
Elizabeth Abbott Writer and historian ideaCity 2010
Joaquin Cuenca Abela Tech leader of Panoramio , Google DLD 2009
John Abele Founder and Chairman, Boston Scientific TEDMED2009, BIF-4, ideaCity 2003
Mark Abley Author ideaCity 2005
Nora Abousteit Co-Founder, BurdaStyle PICNIC '07
Carolyn Abraham Medical reporter ideaCity 2005, ideaCity 2003
Magid Abraham President, CEO & Co-Founder, comScore, Inc. DLD 2010, DLD 2008
Marc Abrahams Co-founder, Annals of Improbable Research Gel 2011
Jacob Abrahamse Child soprano ideaCity 2009
J.J. Abrams Writer, director, and producer TED2007
Jose Abreu Founder, El Sistema TED2009
Jamil Abu-Wardeh Producer TEDGlobal 2010
Asil Abulil Palestinian student PopTech 2010
Jad Abumrad Host & Producer of Radiolab PopTech 2010
Chris Adams Online media cross collaborator ideaCity 2009
Constance Adams Space architect Poptech 2003
Matt Adams Co-founder, Blast-Theory PICNIC '09, PICNIC '07
Michael Adams Public opinion researcher ideaCity 2004, ideaCity 2001
Ryan Adams Machine learning researcher ideaCity 2009
Chimamanda Adichie Novelist TEDGlobal 2009
Newton Aduaka Filmmaker TEDGlobal 2007
Blaise Agüera y Arcas Architect of Bing Maps, Microsoft TED2010, DLD 2010, PICNIC '07, TED2007
Stefan Agamanolis Chief Executive, Research Director, Distance Lab PICNIC '08
Anand Agarawala Founder and CEO, BumpTop TED2007
Shai Agassi Founder and CEO, Better Place TED2009, DLD 2008
Ravin Agrawal Emerging markets investor TEDIndia
David Agus Professor of Medicine, University of Southern California TEDMED2010, TEDxUSC 2010, TEDMED2009
Ola Ahlvarsson Co-Founder & CEO, Result Consulting International DLD 2006
Moeed Ahmad Head of New Media, Al Jazeera Network PICNIC '09
Omar Ahmad Member, City Council, San Carlos, CA TED2010
Salman Ahmad UN goodwill ambassador and Muslim rock star TEDxUSC 2009
Tomi Ahonen Mobile Guru PICNIC '09
Marko Ahtisaari Senior VP of Design, Nokia DLD 2010, PICNIC '07, DLD 2007
Marti Ahtisaari Former president of Finland DLD 2010
Martti Ahtisaari Former President of the Republic of Finland DLD 2010
Eija Ailasmaa President & CEO, Sanoma Magazines PICNIC '07
Nour Al-Arda Palestinian student PopTech 2010
Naïf Al-Mutawa Creator of "The 99," an Islamic comic book TEDGlobal 2010, PopTech 2009
Pete Alcorn Media executive TED2009
Igor Aleksander Professor Emeritus, Neural Systems Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Imperial College, London TED6
Zeresenay Alemseged Paleoanthropologist TEDGlobal 2007
Rafat Ali Founder, PaidContent.org DLD 2010
Jeremy Allaire Founder, Chairman & CEO, Brightcove DLD 2009
Robyn Allan Entrepreneur ideaCity 2001
Will Allen Urban farmer PopTech 2009
Isabel Allende Novelist TED2007
Richard Alley Geologist Poptech 2004
Julia Allison Co-Founder, NonSociety.com DLD 2009
Marla Allison Artist BIF-6
William Alsop Architect ideaCity 2009, ideaCity 2003
Walter Alvarez Geology professor, UC Berkeley EG10
Suroosh Alvi Journalist & filmmaker ideaCity 2001
Mariano Amartino Consultant, entrepreneur, and blogger , uberbin.net DLD 2009
Massoud Amin Security expert PopTech 2009
Vijay Anand Creator of the '0 Rupee' Note PopTech 2010
Adrian Anantawan Virtuoso violinist ideaCity 2002
Kurt Andersen Novelist and radio host PopTech 2009
Brad Anderson CEO, Best Buy DLD 2009
Charles Anderson Marine biologist TEDIndia
Chris Anderson Curator, TED conferences TEDGlobal 2010, TED2002
Chris Anderson Editor-in-Chief, Wired magazine PopTech 2008, Poptech 2006, TED2004, TED8
Judy Anderson Cell biologist ideaCity 2000
Laurie Anderson Experimental performance artist and musician TED2
Matthew Anderson Group Director Communications, British Sky Broadcasting Group Plc. DLD 2007
Ray Anderson Sustainable business pioneer TED2009
Siwan Anderson Missing women investigator ideaCity 2009
Brenda Andrews Program Director, Genetic Networks program, CIFAR ideaCity 2007
Sekou Andrews Spoken word artist, playwright, actor and musician TEDMED2010, TEDMED2009
Buck Angel Filmmaker, activist, educator ideaCity 2010
Andreas Angelidakis Architect DLD 2007
Christian Angermayer Founder & operating partner, Angermayer, Brumm & Lange Unternehmensgruppe (ABL) DLD 2010, DLD 2008
Colin Angle Co‐Founder, Chairman & CEO, iRobot TEDMED2009
Colin Angus Adventurer and author ideaCity 2009
Anina Model Lift06, DLD 2006
Annemarie Ahearn and Ladleah Dunn Gourmets, Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville, Maine PopTech 2010
Anousheh Ansari First female private space explorer ideaCity 2007
Anousheh Ansari Co-Founder & Chairman, Prodea Systems DLD 2010
Randy Antik CEO, Swat Team Partners BIF-2
Thierry Antinori Member of the Board , Lufthansa German Airlines DLD 2009, DLD 2007
Paola Antonelli Design curator, MoMA BIF-5, DLD 2009, DLD 2008, EG07, TED2007, DLD 2006
Antony and the Johnsons Musician TED2011
Mehran Anvari Tele-robotic surgeon ideaCity 2005
Chiho Aoshima Anime artist TEDSalon 2006
Frank Appel CEO, Deutsche Post AG DLD 2010
April Smith and the Great Picture Show Brooklyn based swing & country band PopTech 2010
Claudio Aprile Molecular chef ideaCity 2008
Jason Aramburu Founder, re:char PopTech 2009
Julieta Aranda Artist DLD 2010, DLD 2009
Laura Archer Nurse, Doctors Without Borders ideaCity 2009
Eduardo Arcos Founder , Hipertextual DLD 2009
Dan Ariely Author, "Predictably Irrational" and "The Upside of Irrationality" PopTech 2010, PopTech 2009, TED2009, DLD 2009, EG08
John Armleder Professor, Braunschweig Academy of Art in Lausanne DLD 2009
Karen Armstrong Religious scholar TEDGlobal 2009, TED2008
Rachel Armstrong Teaching Fellow, The Bartlett School of Architecture ideaCity 2010, PICNIC '09
Sally Armstrong Amnesty International award winner and documentary filmmaker ideaCity 2010
Liv Arnesen Educator, explorer, lecturer ideaCity 2010
Nikesh Arora President, Global Sales Operations & Business Development, Google DLD 2010
Samir Arora Chairman & CEO, Glam Media DLD 2010, DLD 2009, DLD 2008
Michael Arrington Founder, TechCrunch DLD 2009
Nina Arsenault Transsexual writer, artist, actress ideaCity 2010
Nadine Artemis Co-founder, Living Liberations ideaCity 2006
Yann Arthus-Bertrand Photographer TED2009
Kristen Ashburn Photographer TED2003
Asimo Humanoid Robot, Honda DLD 2006
David Asper Businessman and lawyer ideaCity 2004
Julian Assange Editor in chief, Wikileaks TEDGlobal 2010
Anthony Atala Director, Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine TED2011, TEDMED2009
Ronald Atlas Microbiologist for the Exxon Valdez cleanup TEDxOilSpill
Margaret Atwood Writer ideaCity 2010, ideaCity 2008
Henry Aubin Investigative journalist ideaCity 2004
Melissa Auf der Maur Musician and artist ideaCity 2010
James Auger Partner, Auger-Loizeau Lift09
Michael Auger Journalist ideaCity 2001
Bryant Austin Whale photographer EG10
Lise Autogena Artist euroGel 2006
Linda Avey Founder, 23andMe DLD 2008
Zee Avi Singer Songwriter PopTech 2009
Patrick Awuah Co-founder , Ashesi University TEDGlobal 2007
George Ayittey Economist TEDGlobal 2007
Bruce Aylward Epidemiologist, WHO TED2011
Amina Az-Zubair National Coordinator - Education for All, Nigeria's ministry of education
Michele Azar Vice President of Internet Growth Group, Best Buy Co., Inc. DLD 2009
Alexander Böck Inventor and designer, Power Skip Boots ideaCity 2007
Katy Börner Associate Professor of Information Science, Indiana University Gel 2006
Stephen Badylak Professor, Department of Surgery, University of Pittsburgh PopTech 2008
Neal Baer Executive Producer, ER & Law & Order Special Victims Unit TEDMED2009
Meredith Bagby Author, "The Annual Report of the USA" TED11
Harish Bahl Founder , Smile Interactive Technologies Group (SITG) DLD 2010
Nico Baken TEDxAmsterdam 2009
Mitchell Baker Chairperson, Mozilla DLD 2010, DLD 2009
Jay Bakker Pastor ideaCity 2007
Alwar Balasubramaniam Artist TEDIndia
Kevin Bales Co-founder, Free the Slaves TED2010
Geoffrey Ballard Canadian geophysicist and businessman Poptech 2003
Robert Ballard Oceanographer TED2008, BIF-2
James Balog Photographer TEDGlobal 2009
Farokh Balsara Head of Media & Entertainment, Ernst & Young DLD 2008
Dave Balter Founder and CEO, BzzAgent, Inc. BIF-3
Banny Banerjee Design educator TEDIndia
Sashwati Banerjee Educator TEDIndia
Chris Bangle Automobile designer DLD 2007, TED2002
Marian Bantjes Graphic Designer TED2010
Richard Baraniuk Founder, Connexions TED2006
Rosa Barba Artist DLD 2010
Dan Barber Chef, Blue Hill Farms TED2010, Taste3 2008, Taste3 2006
Maude Barlow Senior water advisor, United Nations ideaCity 2009
Eloma Barnes Orator Poptech 2004, Gel 2004
Paul Barnett Creative Director , Electronic Arts Mythic Lift08
Thomas Barnett Military strategist Poptech 2006, TED2005, Poptech 2004
Ysaye Barnwell Vocalist, composer, and teacher Gel 2010
Colette Baron-Reid Counsellor and author ideaCity 2010
Steve Barr Founder, Green Dot Public Schools PopTech 2009
Stephen Barrie Founder, Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory, NC TEDMED3
Keith Barry Mentalist and magician TED2004
Aszure Barton Choreographer ideaCity 2010
Bonnie Bassler Molecular biologist TED2009
Michael Bate Co-founder, Frank magazine ideaCity 2001
Robert Bateman Artist & naturalist ideaCity 2004, ideaCity 2002
Damien Bates Chief Medical Officer, Organogenesis TEDMED2009
Jodok Batlogg Co-Founder & CEO, Lovely Systems AG DLD 2010, DLD 2009
Christopher Bauder Interaction Designer, WHITEvoid euroGel 2006
É.-É. Baulieu Physician & Biochemist ideaCity 2007
Stephen Bauman Senior Minister, Christ Church United Methodist, New York euroGel 2006, Gel 2003
Uli Baur Editor-in-Chief, FOCUS DLD 2007
Eben Bayer Co-founder, Ecovative Design TEDGlobal 2010, PopTech 2009
Thomas Bayrle Artist DLD 2008
Frank Beau Independent consultant Lift09
Rainer Beaujean CEO, T-Online DLD 2006
Nani Beccalli-Falco CEO, GE International DLD 2009
Helmut Becker Chief Commercial Officer , XING AG DLD 2010
Miles Beckett Founder, SHOUTBOY DLD 2007
Bart Becks Senior Vice President New Media, SBS Broadcasting Group DLD 2007
Andrew Behar Founder, VivoMetrics TEDMED3
Yves Behar Designer TED2009, TED2008, DLD 2008
Euro Beinat Professor of Location Awareness , Salzburg University PICNIC '08
Maya Beiser Cellist TED2011
Genevieve Bell Director, Intel Corporation PICNIC '08, Lift08
Sigall Bell Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Gel Health 2009
Pierre Bellanger Founder & CEO, Skyrock Lift08
Keith Bellows Editor, National Geographic Traveler TED2002, ideaCity 2001, ideaCity 2000
David Ben Actor, writer, performer, producer and creative consultant ideaCity 2009
Dr. Ben Debunker of 'bad science' quackery PopTech 2010
Steve Bendt Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media at Microsoft BIF-4
Boris Benedek Founding Partner, Blank Paper Studio DLD 2006
David Benedek Co-Founder, Producer & Director, Blank Paper Studio DLD 2006
Chris Benedict Architect BIF-3
Arthur Benjamin Mathematician and magician TED2009, TED2005
Yochai Benkler Legal expert Poptech 2005, TEDGlobal 2005
Paul Bennett Creative Director, Ideo TEDGlobal 2005
Dennis Bennie Technology pioneer, entrepreneur and innovator ideaCity 2000
Han Bennink Musician euroGel 2006
Warren Bennis Professor of business, USC TED11
Diane Benscoter Deprogrammer TED2009
Janine Benyus Science writer, innovation consultant, conservationist TEDGlobal 2009, TED2005, Poptech 2004
Deborah Berebichez Founder, The Science of Everyday Life DLD 2009
Alex Berenstein Professor of Radiology, Neurology and Neurosurgery, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine TEDMED2010