Name Title, Company Events
7 Fingers Acrobatic circus troupe ideaCity 2008, ideaCity 2007
Hans Aarsman TEDxAmsterdam 2009
Emile Aarts Vice President and Scientific Program Director, Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven PICNIC '07
Chris Abani Author TED2008, TEDGlobal 2007
Elizabeth Abbott Writer and historian ideaCity 2010
Joaquin Cuenca Abela Tech leader of Panoramio , Google DLD 2009
John Abele Founder and Chairman, Boston Scientific TEDMED2009, BIF-4, ideaCity 2003
Mark Abley Author ideaCity 2005
Nora Abousteit Co-Founder, BurdaStyle PICNIC '07
Carolyn Abraham Medical reporter ideaCity 2005, ideaCity 2003
Magid Abraham President, CEO & Co-Founder, comScore, Inc. DLD 2010, DLD 2008
Marc Abrahams Co-founder, Annals of Improbable Research Gel 2011
Jacob Abrahamse Child soprano ideaCity 2009
J.J. Abrams Writer, director, and producer TED2007
Jose Abreu Founder, El Sistema TED2009
Jamil Abu-Wardeh Producer TEDGlobal 2010
Asil Abulil Palestinian student PopTech 2010
Jad Abumrad Host & Producer of Radiolab PopTech 2010
Chris Adams Online media cross collaborator ideaCity 2009
Constance Adams Space architect Poptech 2003