PopTech runs every October in Camden, Maine. The event started in 1997 as the Camden Conference on Telecommunications. The name "Pop!Tech" was adopted in 1999.

Early events were on Reshaping American Communities (1997), Transformation of Learning (1998), Popular Culture in the Digital Age (1999), Being Human in the Digital Age (2000), and Online, Everywhere, All the Time (2001).

PopTech is currently hosted by curator and executive director Andrew Zolli.

Event Date Location
PopTech 2010 October 2010 Camden, Maine
PopTech 2009 October 2009 Camden, Maine
PopTech 2008 October 2008 Camden, Maine
Poptech 2007 October 2007 Camden, Maine
Poptech 2006 October 2006 Camden, Maine
Poptech 2005 October 2005 Camden, Maine
Poptech 2004 October 2004 Camden, Maine
Poptech 2003 October 2003 Camden, Maine
Poptech 2002 October 2002 Camden, Maine

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