• September 23-25, 2009
  • Amsterdam


Matt Adams

Co-founder, Blast-Theory
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Moeed Ahmad

Head of New Media, Al Jazeera Network
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Tomi Ahonen

Mobile Guru
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Rachel Armstrong

Teaching Fellow, The Bartlett School of Architecture
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David Binder

Broadway theater producer
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Chris Burke

Creator, This Spartan Life
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Antonio Camara

Chief Executive Officer, Y Dreams

Ben Cerveny

Strategist and Advisor, Stamen Design
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Anthony Citrano

Cultural analyst
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Beth Coleman

Assistant Professor of Writing and New Media, MIT
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Nonny de la Peña

Senior Research Fellow in Immersive Journalism, USC Annenberg School of Journalism

Rudy De Waele

Co-Founder, dotopen

Donatella Della Ratta

Arab Media and Development Manager , Creative Commons
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Oliver Dudok van Heel

Director, The Lewes Pound CIC
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Jeremy Ettinghausen

Digital Publisher, Penguin Books
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Brady Forrest

Technology Evangelist , O'Reilly Media

Howard Goldkrand

Cultural Engineer

Adam Greenfield

Critical Futurist
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Jessica Greenwood

Deputy Editor, Contagious Magazine
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Usman Haque

Director, Haque Design + Research
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Jeffrey Hayzlett

Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company
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Drew Hemment

Director & CEO, FutureEverything
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Dale Herigstad

Chief Creative Officer, Schematic
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Matthias Hollwich

Founder, HWKN
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Dan Hon

CEO, Six to Start
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Brian Hurst

CEO, The Opportunity Management Company

Michael B. Johnson

Lead, Moving Pictures Group, Pixar Animation Studios

Rick Joubert

Mobile Media Evangelist
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Gerd Leonhard

Media Futurist
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Bernard Lietaer

Chairman, ACCESS Foundation
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Matt Locke

Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 Education
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Kati London

Vice President & Senior Producer, Area/Code
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Peter Molyneux

Creative Director, Microsoft Game Studios, Europe

Mohamad Najem

Co-founder, Social Media Exchange
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Nicholas Negroponte

Founder and chairman, One Laptop per Child
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Christian Nold

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Chris Pratley

General Manager, Microsoft Office Labs
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Francesca Rosella

Founder, Cute Circuit

Josh Rubin

Editor, Cool Hunting
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Lincoln Schatz

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Scott Seaborn

Head of Mobile, Ogilvy Group
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Seth Shapiro

Principal, New Amsterdam Media
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Gerri Sinclair

CEO, Centre for Digital Media
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Greg Skibiski

Chairman & CEO, Sense Networks
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Kevin Slavin

Managing Director and Co-Founder, Area/Code
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Linda Stone

Former VP, Microsoft
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Itay Talgam

Conductor and consultant
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Atau Tanaka

Chair of Digital Media and Acting Director of Culture Lab, Newcastle University
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Alice Taylor

Commissioning Editor Education, Channel4
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Michael Tchao

General Manager, Nike Techlab Group
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Vlad Trifa

Research Associate, SAP Research
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Ed Ulbrich

Executive VP of Production, Digital Domain

Gentry Underwood

Head of Knowledge Sharing, IDEO

Henk van Arkel

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Willem Velthoven

Founding Partner , Mediamatic Amsterdam

Katrin Verclas

Co-Founder & Editor, MobileActive.org
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Peggy Weil

Digital Media Artist
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Niklas Zennström

Entrepreneur and investor

Philip Zimbardo

Former President, American Psychological Association
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PICNIC '09 is part of the PICNIC series of events.