• September 24-26, 2008
  • Amsterdam

The third event in the PICNIC series, this time with the theme "Collaborative Creativity."

See also: Bruno Giussani's blog post, another attendee's post, and another - more linked here. There are also photos by Anne Helmond.


Stefan Agamanolis

Chief Executive, Research Director, Distance Lab
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Euro Beinat

Professor of Location Awareness , Salzburg University
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Genevieve Bell

Director, Intel Corporation
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Pim Betist

Founder, SellaBand.com
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Jared Blumenfeld

Director, San Francisco's Department of the Environment
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Antoine Brachet

Business Development Director, Total Immersion
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Ben Cerveny

Strategist and Advisor, Stamen Design
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Matt Costello

Writer and games developer
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Martin de Ronde

Director, OneBigGame

Jose Luis de Vicente

Cultural Researcher and Curator
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Jyri Engestrom

Entrepreneur, sociologist
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Addy Feuerstein

Co-Founder & CEO, AllofMe, LTD
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Mike T. Fries

President and CEO, Liberty Global
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Eileen Gittins

CEO, Blurb
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Bruno Giussani

European director, TED
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Adam Greenfield

Critical Futurist
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Adam Greenfield

Critical Futurist

Rafi Haladjian

Co-Founder & Chairmain, VIOLET
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Matt Hanson

Film Futurist
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Usman Haque

Director, Haque Design + Research

Laurent Haug

Founder, LIFT Conference
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Frank Heemskerk

Minister for Foreign Trade, the Netherlands
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Gisel Hiscock

Director, New Business Development, Google
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Matt Jones

Interaction, concept designer & design strategist
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Younghee Jung

Designer, Nokia
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Bas Kennis

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Aaron Koblin

Artist, designer, researcher
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Guy Laurence

CEO, Vodafone Netherlands
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Loic Le Meur

Founder & CEO, Seesmic

Charles Leadbeater

Researcher, Demos
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Bill Moggridge

Director, Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution
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Hellen Omwando

Head of Market Intelligence, Royal Philips Electronics

Tom Roosendaal

Developer & Chairman, Blender Foundation

Philip Rosedale

Founder, Second Life
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Clay Shirky

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Katarina Skoberne

Co-Founder & Group Managing Director, OpenAd
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Eskil Steenberg

Game designer

Marleen Stikker

Director, Waag Society

Jim Stolze

Founder & Conservator , TEDxAmsterdam
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Linda Stone

Former VP, Microsoft

Kara Swisher

Co-Executive Editor, AllThingsDigital

Itay Talgam

Conductor and consultant
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Michael Tchao

General Manager, Nike Techlab Group
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Michael Tchong

Trend analyst
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Bas Verhart

Founder & CEO, Media Republic
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Werner Vogels

CTO, Amazon.com
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Wolfgang Wagener

Director, Cisco Connected Urban Development (CUD)
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Binyavanga Wainaina

Kenyan author, journalist
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Marcel Wanders

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Stanley Williams

HP Senior Fellow Director, Information & Quantum Systems Lab

Paul Wouters

Programme leader, Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences
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Ethan Zuckerman

Founder, Global Voices
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PICNIC '08 is part of the PICNIC series of events.