• September 26-28, 2007
  • Amsterdam

PICNIC’07 was devoted to creativity and innovation in the media, technology and entertainment industries.

Designed for creatives, entrepreneurs, innovation and technology experts, media professionals, and business people, the conference programme featured trends relevant to the media and entertainment industries.


Emile Aarts

Vice President and Scientific Program Director, Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven

Nora Abousteit

Co-Founder, BurdaStyle

Matt Adams

Co-founder, Blast-Theory

Blaise Agüera y Arcas

Architect of Bing Maps, Microsoft

Marko Ahtisaari

Senior VP of Design, Nokia

Eija Ailasmaa

President & CEO, Sanoma Magazines

Matt Biddulph

CTO, Dopplr

Julian Bleecker

Professor of Interactive Media , The Near Future Laboratory

Erwin Blom

Head of New Media Department , VPRO

danah boyd

Social Networks Researcher

Stefana Broadbent

Technology anthropologist

David Burden

Founder, Daden

Marc Canter

Founder & CEO, Broadband Mechanics

Federico Casalegno

Director, MIT Mobile Experience Laboratory

Ferhan Cook

President, Any Screen Productions Ltd

Dennis Crowley

Founder, Dodgeball.com

Regine Debatty

Author, We-make-money-not-art

Tom DeFanti

Researcher, University of Illinois

Dominique Delport

Managing Director, Havas Media

Eduardo Dias

Co-Founder & Vice President, Ydreams

Cory Doctorow

Canadian journalist and science fiction author

Jyri Engestrom

Entrepreneur, sociologist

Peter Frankfurt

Co-Director & Co-Founder, Imaginary Forces: Experience Designed

Ben Fry

Author and software consultant

Neil Gershenfeld

Director, MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms

Fabien Girardin

Researcher, Lift lab

Bruno Giussani

European director, TED

Adam Greenfield

Critical Futurist

Brian Gruber

Founder, Fora.tv

Dick Hardt

Founder & CEO, Sxip Identity

Woody Harrelson


Jonathan Harris

Designer and technologist

Laurin Herr

Director, Cinegrid

Richard Hytner

Vice Chairman Woldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi

Candace Johnson

International telecommunications expert and entrepreneur

Michael B. Johnson

Lead, Moving Pictures Group, Pixar Animation Studios

Benedikta Karaisl von Karais

Co-Founder, BurdaStyle

Andrew Keen

Founder, afterTV

Susan Kish

Vice President, Network & Community Practice Xing

Andrew D. Klein

Founder & CEO, Spotzer

Kaiser Kuo

Strategy Director, Ogilvy China

Sugata Mitra

Education researcher

Jeroen Mol

Owner, OwnSite BV

Walt Mossberg

Author, Weekly Personal Technology column, The Wall Street Journal

Geert Mul

Media artist

Jack Myers

CEO, Myers Publishing

Craig Newmark

Founder, Craigslist

Christian Nold


Nicolas Nova

Researcher, LIFTLab

Nikolaj Nyholm

CEO, Polar Rose

Naohista Ohta

Director of Research Institute for Digital Media and Content, Keio University

Chee Pearlman

Design consultant

Nadya Peek

Mediamatic Foundation

Felix Peterson

Founder & CEO, Plazes

David Polinchock

Chief Experience Officer (CXO), Brand Experience Lab

Paul Pope

Writer, designer, artist

Johan Redström

Design Director, TII Sweden

Kevin Roberts

CEO Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi

Stefan Sagmeister

Graphic designer

Katy Salen

Executive Director, Gamelab Institute of Place

Thecla Shiphorst

Media artist, choreographer and dancer

David Silverman


Arnold Smeulders

Intelligent Systems Lab (ISLA), University of Amsterdam

Raymond Spanjar

Co-Founder & Chief Hyving Officer, Hyves

Alex Steffen

Co-founder and executive editor, WorldChanging.com

Biz Stone

Co-Founder, Twitter, Inc

Linda Stone

Former VP, Microsoft

Alexander Straub

CEO & Co-Founder, Pixsta

Shari Swan

Founder & CEO, Streative Branding

Gary Wang

Co-Founder, Tudou

Matt Webb

Principal, Schulze & Webb

David Weinberger

Author, "Everything is Miscellaneous"

Eckart Wintzen

Founder, Ex'tent Green Venture Capital

Danny Yount

Designer, director

Adam Zaretsky

Bioartist, performer, researcher and art theorist

PICNIC '07 is part of the PICNIC series of events.