• February 7-9, 2007
  • Geneva

Lift07 explored the web, mobile technologies, economy, design, technological overload, entrepreneurship, ubiquitous computing, social software, economy and religion.


Julian Bleecker

Professor of Interactive Media , The Near Future Laboratory
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Stowe Boyd

Writer, Stowe Boyd and The /Messengers
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Stefana Broadbent

Technology anthropologist

Lee Bryant

Director, Headshift
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Jan Buckman

Co-Founder, Magnatune

France Cadet


Daniela Cerqui

Anthropologist, University of Lausanne
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Ben Cerveny

Strategist and Advisor, Stamen Design
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Patrick Chappatte

Editorial cartoonist

Pierre Chappaz

co-CEO, Netvibes
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Jan Chipchase

Principal researcher, Nokia
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Brian Cox

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Thierry Crouzet


Regine Debatty

Author, We-make-money-not-art
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Florence Devouard

Former chairperson, Wikimedia Foundation
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Nathan Eagle

Research Scientist, MIT
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Suren Erkman

Director, Institute for Communication and Analysis of Science and Technology
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Zhang Ga

Artistic Director & Curator, China International New Media Arts Exhibition 2008

David Galipeau

Information and communication technology expert

Paola Ghillani

Founder & President, Paola Ghillani & Friends Ltd.
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Fabien Girardin

Researcher, Lift lab
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Bruno Giussani

European director, TED

Adam Greenfield

Critical Futurist
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Christophe Guignard

Architect, fabric | ch
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Colin Henderson

Banker, Bankwatch Consulting
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Nada Kakabadse

Professor in Management and Business Research, Northampton Business School

Daniel Kaplan

CEO, FING - The Next-Generation Internet Foundation

Frederic Kaplan

Founder, Ozwe
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Sampo Karjalainen

Chief Creative Officer, Sulake Corporation
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Beth Krasna

Former venture capitalist & author

Jaewoong Lee

Founder, Daum Communications Corp
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Bernino Lind

Entrepreneur, Tadaah TV
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Matthias Luefkens

Associate Director, World Economic Forum

Fred Mast

Professor of Cognitive Psychology, University of Lausanne

Sugata Mitra

Education researcher
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Jacques Panchard

Researcher, EPFL
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Pukul Rana

Interactive Media Consultant, British Council

Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz


Robert Scoble

Managing Director, FastCompany.TV

Lara Srivastava

Senior Policy Analyst, International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
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Judith Zoebelein

Editorial Director, Internet Office of the Holy See
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Jan-Christoph Zoels

Director of User Experience Design, Experientia
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Lift07 is part of the Lift series of events.