• February 2-3, 2006
  • Geneva

The inaugural Lift conference welcomed 350 delegates from 20 countries. The conference featured speakers like Cory Doctorow, Bruce Sterling, Robert Scoble, Hugh Macleod and Euan Semple.




Regine Debatty

Author, We-make-money-not-art
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Cory Doctorow

Canadian journalist and science fiction author
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Craig Duncan

Web Manager, UN ISDR

David Galipeau

Information and communication technology expert
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Bruno Giussani

European director, TED
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Franz Groff

Chief Technology Officer, Fairtilizer

Matt Jones

Interaction, concept designer & design strategist
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Beth Krasna

Former venture capitalist & author

Chris Lawer

Managing Director, Strategyn UK
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Hugh MacLeod

Cartoonist, Gapingvoid
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Bernard Rappaz

Hemp activist

Emmanuelle Richard


Aymeric Sallin

Founder, NanoDimension

Robert Scoble

Managing Director, FastCompany.TV
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Euan Semple

Knowledge Management, BBC
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Bruce Sterling

Science fiction author
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Lift06 is part of the Lift series of events.