ideaCity 2002

  • June 19-21, 2002
  • Toronto


Adrian Anantawan

Virtuoso violinist

Robert Bateman

Artist & naturalist

Tyler Brule

Journalist, entrepreneur and magazine publisher

Michael Budman

Co-founder, Roots Canada

Ronnie Burkett

Marionette puppet master

Douglas Coupland


Lisa Anne Couture

Co-founder, Asymptote

Wade Davis

Explorer-in-Residence, National Geographic

John de Chastelain

Diplomat and former soldier

Marq de Villiers

Author & journalist

Hershey Felder

Concert pianist, actor and composer

Diane Francis

Editor-at-large, Financial Post

Marc Garneau


Edward Greenspan

Criminal lawyer

Melissa Jane Hollands


Michael Ignatieff

Author & journalist

Pico Iyer

Travel writer

Paul Kedrosky

Technology and financial commentator

Emory Kristof

Photographer, National Geographic

Daniel Libeskind


Brian Macdonald

Director & choreographer

Richard MacDonald

Dignified death advocate

Preston Manning

Former opposition leader

Jennifer Mather

Biologist & psychologist

Deepa Mehta

Film director

Henry Morgentaler

Physician & social activist

Terry Mosher

Political cartoonist (under the name of Aislin)

Ray Muzyka

Co-founder, BioWare

Nelofer Pazira

Afghan-Canadian journalist

Josef Penninger

Genetics investigator

Doug Perovic


Anna Porter


Tracy Quan

Women's activist

Quartetto Gelato

Musical group

David Rakoff


Kathy Reich

Forensic anthropologist

John Robert Colombo

Author, anthologist and communications consultant

Spider Robinson

Science fiction author and musician

Clayton Ruby

Civil rights lawyer

Witold Rybozynski

Architect, author, essayist and expert in design and urbanism

Chistoph Sensen

Director, Sun Center of Excellence for Visual Genomics

Lindsay Sharp

Museologist and writer

Sarah Slean

Pianist & songwriter

Lawrence Smith

Doctor of veterinary medicine

Norman Spector

Former ambassador to Israel

Lionel Tiger


Margaret Vente


Elliott Wahle

Chairman & co-founder, Generation Capital Inc.

Ronald Wright


Greg Zeschuk

Co-founder, BioWare

Donald Ziraldo

Canadian Icewine pioneer

David Zussman

Governance expert

ideaCity 2002 is part of the ideaCity series of events.