DLD 2010

  • January 24-26, 2010
  • Munich


Magid Abraham

President, CEO & Co-Founder, comScore, Inc.

Blaise Agüera y Arcas

Architect of Bing Maps, Microsoft

Marko Ahtisaari

Senior VP of Design, Nokia

Marti Ahtisaari

Former president of Finland

Martti Ahtisaari

Former President of the Republic of Finland

Rafat Ali

Founder, PaidContent.org

Christian Angermayer

Founder & operating partner, Angermayer, Brumm & Lange Unternehmensgruppe (ABL)

Anousheh Ansari

Co-Founder & Chairman, Prodea Systems

Frank Appel

CEO, Deutsche Post AG

Julieta Aranda


Nikesh Arora

President, Global Sales Operations & Business Development, Google

Samir Arora

Chairman & CEO, Glam Media

Harish Bahl

Founder , Smile Interactive Technologies Group (SITG)

Mitchell Baker

Chairperson, Mozilla

Rosa Barba


Jodok Batlogg

Co-Founder & CEO, Lovely Systems AG

Helmut Becker

Chief Commercial Officer , XING AG

Peter Berger

President & CEO, Suite101.com Media Inc.

Carlos M. Bhola

Managing Partner , Celsius Capital

Nick Bilton

Lead Technology Reporter, The New York Times

Matthew Bishop

American Business Editor & New York Bureau Chief, The Economist

Alisa Bowen

Senior Vice President, Head of Consumer Publishing , Thomson Reuters

Jim Breyer

Lead/Presiding Independent Director & Chairman of the Strategic Planning and Finance Committee , Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

John Brockman

Founder, Brockman, Inc

Beth A. Brooke

Global Vice Chair of Public Policy, Sustainability and Stakeholder Engagement , Ernst & Young

Udo Bub

Member of the Executive Team, Deutsche Telekom Laboratories

Hubert Burda

Chairman of the Board & Publisher , Hubert Burda Media

Mike Butcher

Editor, Techcrunch Europe

Marc Cenedella

Founder & CEO, TheLadders.com

Shawn Colo

Co-Founder, Demand Media

Kevin Cornils

Chief Executive Officer , Glasses Direct

Thomas Crampton

Asia-Pacific Director, 360 Digital Influence for Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide

Dennis Crowley

Founder, Dodgeball.com

Thomas Aidan Curran

Software CTO, Deutsche Telekom

Steffi Czerny

Managing Director, Marketing & Communications , Hubert Burda Media

Thomas de Buhr

Head of Media Solutions, Google Germany GmbH

David de Rothschild

Founder, Adventure Ecology

Chris Dercon

Director, Haus der Kunst

David Drummond

Senior Vice President of Corporate Development & Chief Legal Officer, Google

Dan Dubno

Producer and technologist, CBS News

Esther Dyson

Investor and philanthropist

Trevor Edwards

Corporate Vice President of Global Brand Management , Nike

Ulla-Maaria Engestrom

Founder & CEO, Thinglink

Hannes Federrath

Head of "Management of IT Security" research group at the Department of Information Systems , University of Regensburg

Uwe Feuersenger


Helen Fisher

Professor of anthropology, Rutgers University

Tobias Flaitz

Director of B2B Account Development, Hubert Burda Media

Philipp Freise

Director Europe , KKR

Christian Hernandez Gallardo

Head of International Business Development , Facebook

David Gelernter

Professor of computer science, Yale

Tom Glocer

CEO, Thomson Reuters

Ben Gomes

Distinguished Engineer, Google

Claudia Gonzalez

Head of Marketing, The Global Fund

Suhas Gopinath

Founder, Globals Inc

Stefan Gross-Selbeck

CEO, Xing

Nizan Guanaes

Chairman, Grupo ABC de Comunicação

Jérome Guillen

Leader of Business Innovation division , Daimler AG

Lutz Hädrich

Managing Director, Save.TV Next Generation Recording

Jonathan Harris

Designer and technologist

Johannes Helbig

Chief Information Officer , Deutsche Post AG

Ria Hendrikx

Executive Vice President for HR Guidelines Personnel & Labor Management , Deutsche Post DHL

Nils Holger Henning

CCO, Bigpoint

Andreas Heyden

Chief Operating Officer , sevenload

Peter Hirshberg

Co-founder, The Conversation Group
Watch video

Maps: DLD asked a few artists to create maps. In this session, these artists explain the content and creation for their maps.

26:00 Aaron Koblin starts ... 34:00 Peter Hirshberg starts

Maps: DLD asked a few artists to create maps. In this session, these artists explain the content and creation for their maps.

26:00 Aaron Koblin starts ... 34:00 Peter Hirshberg starts

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Reid Hoffman

Chairman & President , LinkedIn

Pablos Holman

Intellectual Ventures

Klaus Hommels

Internet start-up investor

Jürgen Hopfgartner

Vice President of Digital Media & Network Development, MTV Networks North

Jeff Jarvis


Anders Sundt Jensen

Vice President Brand Communications , Mercedes-Benz Cars

3ric Johanson

Project Scientist & Entropy Generator , Intellectual Ventures Laboratory

Thomas Künstner

Partner, Booz & Company

Paul-Bernhard Kallen

CEO, Hubert Burda Media

Richard Kang

Executive Vice President, Strategy & Business Development , MTV Networks

Dina Kaplan

Co-Founder, blip.tv

David Kenny

Managing Partner, VivaKi

Jason Kilar

CEO, Hulu

David Kirkpatrick

Senior Editor for internet and technology, Fortune Magazine

Alexander Kluge

Filmmaker, TV producer, author

Aaron Koblin

Artist, designer, researcher
Watch video

Maps: DLD asked a few artists to create maps. In this session, these artists explain the content and creation for their maps.

26:00 Aaron Koblin starts ... 34:00 Peter Hirshberg starts

Maps: DLD asked a few artists to create maps. In this session, these artists explain the content and creation for their maps.

26:00 Aaron Koblin starts ... 34:00 Peter Hirshberg starts

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Aaron Koblin

Artist, designer, researcher

Marc Koska


Andrian Kreye

Journalist & author

Tim Kring

Executive producer of TV show "Heroes"

Douglas Krugman

Founder & CEO, Peronal Commerce Corp.

Loic Le Meur

Founder & CEO, Seesmic

Donovan Leitch

Folk musician

Todd Levy

Head of Product & Engineering , bit.ly

David Liu

Managing Director in the Media Investment Banking Group, Jeffries

Om Malik

Journalist, author

Alexis Maybank

Founding CEO, Gilt Groupe

Michael Mendenhall

Senior Vice President & CHief Marketing Officer, HP

Stefan Mennerich

Head of Media Rights and New Media, FC Bayern München AG

Reinhold Messner

Mountaineer and explorer

Dharmash Mistry

Partner , Balderton Capital

David J. Moore

Chairman & Founder , 24/7 Real Media Inc.

Dave Morgan

Founder & Chairman, TACODA

Doris Naisbitt

Director , Naisbitt China Institute

John Naisbitt

Author, public speaker and futurologist

Raj Narayan

Co-Founder, architect and VP Engineering , Glam Media

Hans Ulrich Obrist

Co-Director of Exhibitions & Director of International Projects, Serpentine Gallery

Tero Ojanperä

Executive Vice President, Services , Nokia

Stefan Oschmann

Head of MSD Emerging Markets organization , Merck & Co., Inc

Philipp Parreno


Cornelius Patt

Founder & CEO , zooplus AG

Josef Penninger

Genetics investigator

Bertrand Piccard


Philipp Pieper

CEO, Proximic

Shervin Pishevar

Chairman, CEO & Founder , SGN

Jeff Pulver

Internet entrepreneur

Joshua Cooper Ramo

Managing director, Kissinger Associates

Alain T. Rappaport

General manager of health search , Bing, Microsoft

Marcel Reichart

Managing Director DLD & Ventures , Hubert Burda Media

Spencer Reiss

Writer, Wired magazine

Andrew Robertson

President & CEO, BBDO Worldwide

Eric Rodenbeck

Founder & Creative Director , Stamen

Edward Roussel

Digital Editor , Telegraph Media Group

Chris Russo

CEO, Fantasy Sports Ventures, Inc.

Alexandra Süss

Senior Manager Interactive Marketing , Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars

Paul Sagan

CEO, Akamai

Anri Sala

Multimedia artist

Michael Sandbichler

Head of Technology , SevenOneIntermedia

Dimitar Sasselov


Frank Schatzing

Frank Schirrmacher


Christoph Schlingensief

Film director, theatre and opera director, author and performance artist

Joe Schoendorf

Member and strategic partner, World Economic Forum

Thomas Schreiber

Founder & CEO, SecureNet

Mike Schroepfer

Vice President of Engineering , Facebook

Al Seckel

Cognitive neuroscientist

Ilya Segalovich

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer , Yandex

Kristian Segerstråle

Vice President & General Manager, playfish

René Seifert

Founder & Managing Director, Level 360 Services

Michael Silverman

Vice President of Operations , thingd

Patricia Szarvas

Main anchor, CNBC Europe

Alexander Tamas

Partner , DST

Owen Van Nattla

CEO, MySpace

Yossi Vardi


Werner Vogels

CTO, Amazon.com

Gregor Vogelsang

Managing partner , Booz & Company

Nikolaus von Bomhard

CEO, MunichRE

Kyle Vucko

CEO, Indochino

Jimmy Wales

Founder, Wikipedia

Robin Wauters

Writer, Techcrunch

Jochen Wegner

Editor-in-Chief, Focus Online

Stefan Winners


Conrad Wolfram


Ariel Yarnitsky

CEO, SpeedBit Ltd.

Nazar Yasin

CEO, Forticom

Muhammad Yunus

Founder & Managing Director , Grameen Bank

Gabriele Zedlmayer

Vice President , HP's Office of Global Social Innovation

Niklas Zennström

Entrepreneur and investor

Qiu Zhijie

Professor, China Academy of Art

Randi Zuckerberg

Director of Market Development, Facebook

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