• October 15-16, 2008
  • Providence, RI

BIF-4 took place on October 15-16, 2008 at Trinity Rep in Providence, R.I. and was co-hosted by BusinessWeek Contributing Editor, Bruce Nussbaum and "Mavericks at Work" author Bill Taylor.


John Abele

Founder and Chairman, Boston Scientific
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Steve Bendt

Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media at Microsoft
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Deborah Brooks

Co-Founder, Michael J. Fox Foundation
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Curt Columus

Artistic Director, Trinity Rep
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Matt Cottam

Co-Founder, Tellart
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Joseph Coughlin

Founder and Director, MIT AgeLab
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Marc Ecko

Founder, Marc Ecko Enterprises
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Jason Fried

Co-founder, 37signals
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Lewis Gordon

First person to swim at the North Pole

Jeffrey Hollender

President, Seventh Generation
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Tony Hsieh

Founder, Zappos
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Frans Johansson

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Joshua Klein

Hacker and writer
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Gary Koelling

Director Emerging Platforms, Best Buy
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Josh Koppel

Founder, ScrollMotion

David Kusek

Co-developer, Musical Instrument Digital Interface
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Cat Laine

Deputy Director, Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group
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Dennis Littky

Co-founder & Co-Director, Big Picture Learning
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James Ludwig

Vice President of Global Design, Steelcase
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Jacqueline Novogratz

Founder and CEO, Acumen Fund
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Terry Pierce

Special Advisor for Disruptive Innovations, Department of Homeland Security S&T
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David Rockwell

Architect and designer
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Deb Roy

Director, Cognitive Machines group, MIT Media Lab
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Richard Satava

Senior Science Advisor, US ARMY Medical Research
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Alexander Tsiaras

Founder & CEO, Anatomical Travelogue
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John Wolpert

Innovation Consultant, TheThreePercent
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Richard Saul Wurman

Founder, TED conferences
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David Yaun

Vice President, Corporate Communications IBM
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BIF-4 is part of the BIF series of events.